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“Your opera trip to Italy will be memorable. You did an outstanding job, everything was perfect. I am not a group person, however I felt a lot of freedom and never being rushed- it was just right and so friendly. I can not thank you enough.”

Alain-Pierre Vuilleret
2023 Italy Tour

“Your 2022 Vienna Ring Wagner Tour surpassed any tour we have ever joined, opera or otherwise. The playing of the Vienna State opera orchestra was rapturous, as was expected, but there are no words to describe sitting in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd row seats for every performance, a mere 30 to 40 feet away from today’s greatest Wagnerian sopranos, Nina Stemme and Lise Davidsen.

The accommodations, the frequent group luncheon and dinner banquets and the brilliant Regina Engelmann’s guided outings to the world-class museums, palaces, cathedrals, monasteries, shrines and parks in Vienna and its environs were all extraordinary. Your 30-plus years of experience and your extensive preparations regarding every detail of your itinerary insured a gratifying and worry-free experience for each of the 17 members or your tour group. You always made time to address any concerns one may have had before, during and after the tour. Your highly ethical approach to doing business was also manifest in a pricing structure that was anything but exorbitant (in fact, surprisingly modest!).       

You are a dedicated perfectionist who treasures providing years of satisfaction to your many loyal, long-time clients. We hope to travel under your aegis again. We can’t imagine a more immersive exposure to the finest aspects of Western culture than a ten-day participation in your 2022 Vienna Ring Tour.”

Gail Weller and David Gregg                                                                                                                                     2022 Vienna Ring Tour


“I thought the Zambello production was extraordinary, as was Runnicles’ conducting. The accommodations were very fine and the choice of restaurants, menu and wine were truly gourmet. Thank you for an enriching experience.”
Robert Oldershaw 
2018 San Francisco Ring Tour

“Seven International Curtain Call tours with Jerry and we can’t wait to join him again. His trips are well organized, with very comfortable hotel rooms. outstanding meals, ans always superb performances, with excellent seats. Most of the time no binoculars needed.

He takes the time to get it right, when some of us would just take okay for an answer. Congratulations Jerry on another outstanding tour. This time the San Francisco Ring.

Craig and Jane Maccloskey 
2018 San Francisco Ring Tour

“Dear Jerry, I thoroughly enjoyed the trip you arranged for the San Francisco Ring Cycle. You take care of every detail, thanks. The seminars were also excellent…I think it was the most thrilling Ring I have seen and I saw it the last time around in San Francisco as well.”

Janet Nelson 
2018 San Francisco Ring Tour

“Jerry, we very much enjoyed the trip. You always get superb seats.”

Mary Lerps 
2018 San Francisco Ring Tour

Dear Jerry:I have just returned home from your International Curtain Call 2017 Italy Summer Music Festivals Tours which included one ballet and 6 operas in the Italian cities of Milan, Verona and Venice. This is a letter of recommendation for anyone who may consider joining you for a similar trip in the future.It is my understanding that you have been planning and guiding music festival trips for many years, and this trip certainly reflected your expertise in seeing that the tour participants had an optimal experience. First of all, I have struggled on my own many times to buy musical performance tickets in famous venues across Europe, and I have paid very high prices for sometimes the worst of seats. I was thrilled beyond words that every performance we attended with you, Jerry, seated us in some of the best orchestra seats in the house, never back of row 8 but usually closer. What a luxury for me after my previous experiences!

When we attended the ballet and one opera at La Scala, it was wonderful to have tickets for free cocktails and programs, and the tour of the back stage in one afternoon was a thrill. The four operas we attended at Arena di Verona were as exciting as I have ever experienced. And then came beautiful La Fenice with a modern day version of a Verdi opera, sitting in Row 3, Center Stage. And you, Jerry, arranged it all!

The hotels you chose for us were lovely and perfect. The planned group meals were gourmet with wonderful wine and such generous courses for a little lady like me, but pleasing, I am sure, for the big guys in our group. What a great deal of thought you must have given in planning these group meals for us. Of course, we did also enjoy eating out on our own when that option was in the itinerary. It was a good mixture of meal planning on your part.

The sightseeing tours you planned were well guided by local guides who did an excellent job orienting us to the locales, past and present. And the size of the tour group was perfect at 18.

All in all, this trip fully met my expectations. Thank you, Jerry!


Creta Carter Nichols,
2017 July Italy Tour

“I took the International Curtain Call tour to Italy from July 6-15, 2017. We went to Milan and then to Verona. This tour was extremely well organized by Jerry Glaser who sent us a detailed brochure in advance of our trip.

Just reading the brochure guaranteed to me that the trip will be well planned and detailed, and it was. In the brochure, Jerry included the travel plans of each of the tourists, their addresses, photographs. He detailed the events of each day including the menus of restaurants we were eating at as well as the synopsis of each opera or ballet we were going to attend.

During the entire trip, I referred to the brochure each day to know in advance what our schedule was. Jerry booked us into two hotels in Milan and Verona that were exquisite, 5-star hotels. The room I had was extremely comfortable in every respect and the service in each hotel was outstanding.

Jerry also purchased the best orchestra seats for the ballet and opera at La Scala and the best seats for the 4 operas we attended in Verona. The optional tours were quite interesting because there was an informative guide in each of the tours who was an expert in that particular phase of the tour.

Jerry accompanied us throughout the tour and answered all our questions and concerns.

I am planning to attend the next opera tour Jerry Glaser organizes because of my extraordinary experience on this Italy tour that I enjoyed so much. I came on the tour alone but quickly met the other tourists who were extremely accomplished and kind, and that also made this trip a joy for me.Gratefully,

Dr. Barbara Brodsky
2017 Italy Tour

“Dear Jerry,
Victor and I thank you for organizing a memorable and interesting Italy tour. We enjoyed it all, the operas, the dinners, and tours. We met some interesting people who were cultured and pleasant […] You did a great job, and we appreciated your efforts.”

Marlene Chavez
Italy Tour 2017

“Dear Jerry,
Two weeks after getting back from the Gala Europe Music Festival Tour 2016, we are still feeling the excitement and joy, we have a hard time resuming our normal life, and it is like the best “hangover”! Thank you, Jerry, for organizing this wonderful tour! What a treat for us!
We are newcomers to the opera world and shy with our limited experiences. When we first met the group, we were so impressed by their vast expertise and knowledge of the opera, it made us a little nervous, honestly. But quickly we realized how lucky we were, to be in the group pf the people who have the same interest, incredibly generous who share their knowledge with us and answer our questions, every moment is a learning moment for us. Your well compiled tour book with stories of the opera and useful information is just perfect to prepare us for the new operas. The before and after opera talks help us learn and understand the insight into the opera. This tour opened our eyes, we are so intrigued by stories of the opera, the beauty of the voice, and over the top productions, and we are like kids in the candy land!
You planned the trip impeccably by offering the best seats in the opera houses, top hotel accommodation, gourmet food with wine in the top restaurants in the world, plus well planned museum and scenery trips, in culture rich cities and world class venues. We experienced them all, and love them all!
We are so glad we found you in the Opera News and went to this amazing tour with you! Hopefully we will join you again in the near future!

Ping Zhou and Jianmei Zheng
July 21, 2016

“Dear Jerry,
Back to normal life, but wonderful memories of our time with you in Vienna. The hotel was wonderful as always. They do service well. From room make-up to meals in the restaurant, to room service and concierge advice. The Grand, a very grand place. The operas were outstandingly good, made even better with your first and second row seats. We felt at one with the conductor, orchestra and singers. We did not go on many tours but those we did attend we liked very much. I know it’s hard work to arrange them so all you do is appreciated

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. We look forward to being tempted again.”

Craig and Jane MacCloskey
June 11, 2015

“The trip [2015 Italy Summer Festivals Tour] was ‘magical’, every detail taken care of, well planned, very well organized. It was a dream vacation- one that I will never forget. Thank you Jerry & Elena for making it possible & for all your hard work.”

Veronica Szabo
July 3, 2015

“Como peruanos quisiera dejar un mensaje para los hispanos parlantes de parte de Florencia y mío. Fuimos con Jerry e ICC a Viena para ver el ciclo del Anillo de los Nibelungos acompañados por una pareja muy amiga nuestra Maria Amalia y Augusto Ferrero. Es una tour realmente magnifica. El hotel, la recepción, la calidad de los otros miembros, los sitios en la Opera, los paseos, las comidas, y el trato excelente, hacen de esta experiencia algo inolvidable. Recomendamos muy enfáticamente a esta empresa. Para nosotros que llegamos de lugares lejanos es increíble como se facilita todo para disfrutar de nuestra afición por la música sin preocuparnos de nada.”ENGLISH TRANSLATION: “As Peruvians, Florencia and I would like to leave a message for Spanish speakers.We went with Jerry and ICC (INTERNATIONAL CURTAIN CALL) to Vienna to see the cycle Der Ring des Nibelungen accompanied by our good friends and couple Maria Amalia and Augusto Ferrero. It was a truly magnificent tour. The hotel, the reception, the quality of the other guests, the opera houses, the outings, the meals and the excellent service – all this made for an unforgettable experience. We unequivocally recommend this. For us who came from far away, it is amazing how everything was made easy for us to enjoy our love of music without worrying about anything.”

Vicente Silva
June 23, 2015

 I thoroughly enjoyed the “Ring Experience” and the other operas selected. What an education. Thank you for including interesting and informative out-of-town excursions as well as scheduling tours of the major Viennese attractions. Perfect weather, interesting co-travelers, and our visit to the Winery Family Brustbauer combined to make an unforgettable journey for me that I will long remember. Mustn’t forget the stellar opening and closing dinners which were fun and delicious. My trip to Vienna was number one on my “bucket list”. Thanks for making this tour an outstanding event for me. I’ll never forget.”

Mary D. Nelson
July 5, 2014

“We enjoyed the Opera Trip immensely and will certainly repeat the tour if at all possible. Since this was our second trip with Mr. Glaser, it is obvious that we are in a position to recommend the trip to any Opera fan. His attention, guidance and planning make it a wonderful experience. First class accommodations, great seats at the performances, good dinners and lunches, comfortable travel- all combine to make a first class experience. The group of fellow travelers was lovely and we all, I think, had a great time.

Paul A. Goldner
June 19, 2014

“When people ask me how was the trip, I always answer “magical”. I have no complaints and I find it a bit difficult to offer any helpful suggestions because the trip lived up to and beyond my expectations. The fact that Mr Glaser was with us the entire time made the experience all the more special. “

Joyce O’Connor
September 2, 2013

” It was of of the best trips I have ever taken, so well organized. The seats at the Operas, the meals and tour! “

Joan Ferioli
October 1, 2011
“As a former travel agency owner and tour director, I would like to comment on your August 2009 Bayreuth Festival Tour and to compliment you on a superb job. The Bayreuth Wagner Festival is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and it meant a great deal to us. I know how much effort goes into a detailed, carefully crafted itinerary and I want to say how much I appreciated and enjoyed the 10 days I spent with your group, not as a professional traveler but as an ordinary tourist and Opera lover. This was indeed a deluxe opera tour, and I can say quite truthfully that it was worth every penny. My congratulations. “

Charles Baton
August 28, 2009
“My wife, Debby, and I went with Jerry Glaser and International Curtain Call on their Opera tour of Vienna in June 2009. This was our second trip with Jerry and ICC, having traveled with them to Bayreuth in the summer of 2007. I simply cannot recommend Jerry’s and ICC’s tours more enthusiastically. Jerry is a meticulous and extraordinarily thoughtful and knowledgeable guide and host; and his seats at the Operas could not be bettered–how he got seats in the first two rows of the Vienna Staatsoper night after night (and in the first six or so rows at Bayreuth), all dead center, is a true marvel to me. The accommodations and meals have been first class on both trips, and the side trips and guides he chose likewise have been superb both times. And how Jerry and ICC do this at the price they charge likewise seems a miracle to me– a truly excellent value!”

Samuel B. Bruskin
August 16, 2009
“For the music-lover, participating in a tour [2008 Bayreuth Wagner Festival Tour] with International Curtain Call is a thoroughly delightful experience. Every detail has been arranged so that the participant enjoys the best possible concert seats, excellent hotel accommodations, superb meals at interesting local restaurants with visits to the most interesting and desirable local attractions. All is managed by a knowledgeable and personable tour director. We recommend ICC highly.”

Mary and John Jenkins
August 28, 2008
“Jerry, Thanks for a wonderful trip. Your assistance in surprising John was invaluable. We both were amazed & awestruck at how well everything went. WONDERFUL JOB!
Sincerely, Mary.”

Mary Jenkins
August 28, 2008
“Dear Jerry, Thank you so much for the wonderful Bayreuth tour! The hotel and hotel services at the Bayerischer Hof were excellent; the coach that took us to and from the Festspielhaus and on our morning tours was comfortable and convenient; the gourmet meals with wine at the Festspielhaus were well chosen and the service there was outstanding. And, of course, hearing Wagner’s opera in the house he designed for them was an unforgettable experience. You do a superb job of organizing these trips and providing detailed information to the participants. Diane and I hope to join you again soon for another tour.”

James F. Hays
August 30, 2008
“This is a very interesting and exciting trip [2009 Italy Music Tour]. Very different from the many other trips I’ve taken. It is interesting because all the members of the group have a common interest, the Opera! It is exciting to see the operas performed in the outdoor area, a very different experience.”

Nadine Seedall
August 2, 2008
“The whole trip [2008 Italy Music Tour] was very enjoyable, and my sister and I had a wonderful time. Thank you…for all you did to make our experience so memorable.”

Barbara Norton
July 24, 2008
“Dear Jerry, Just a note to let you know that I really enjoyed the Bayreuth 2008 tour. I thought you put together and managed a very well run tour with many extras and niceties. The tour was priced right considering all of the value received. I also liked the rotation of seat assignments at the Festspielhaus. This was not only very fair but gave everyone the opportunity to experience the acoustics from different part of the house. Jerry…you are the greatest! I would be happy if you used me as a reference. I would even be willing to speak to any prospective clients from the New York City area. Sincerely, Joan Drelich”

Joan Drelich
September 1, 2008
“My wife and I have recently returned form an ICC tour to London, whose main purpose was to attend the Royal Opera Ring of the Nibelungen. It is a pleasure to note that everything went perfectly; all details were handled properly, the accommodations were exceedingly comfortable, and the tour direction very friendly.
In addition, the members of the tour were a very interesting group. Aside from their general sophistication and interesting backgrounds, they were all very knowledgeable musically, and this much enhanced the experience.   

Anyone who is seriously interested in good music and expects a well-run tour with first-class accommodations will be most pleased with International Curtain Call”

Lawrence S. Lerner
November 27, 2007
“Aija and I thank you again for arranging a wonderful trip, excellent accommodations, good food, and especially the superb tickets for the unforgettable performances at Bayreuth. An experience of a lifetime (except we may try to do it again)!”

John and Aija Sedlak
September 2002
“We have told opera-loving friends who are interested in “The Ring” in Bayreuth: Don’t waste time trying to make your own arrangements, but simply call Jerry Glaser! Not only will you get excellent tickets, but you will receive red carpet treatment, such as being met at the airport, fine hotels, gourmet dining, enjoyable excursions, and expert guides. Plus, you will associate with fellow tour members who are as crazy about opera as you are. All the above applies to each of several tours we have taken with International Curtain Call. We have always been delighted by the extra attention given to every detail. We look forward to future tours with Jerry.”John and Aija Sedlak
August 2007
“Jerry, you have taste and style, and they are reflected in the luxury hotels you book, the tickets you obtain for the operas, and the meals you select at gourmet restaurants. Just keep doing what you’re doing now. It’s excellent.” Robert Remini
June 2001
“Before this trip to Bayreuth, I had been doing opera trips on my own; now, after this tour, it will be difficult to go with anyone other than Jerry Glaser and International Curtain Call in the future: My seats for every performances were superb-there were a few times when I was even in the first row! Every meal was first rate, and each was paired with excellent wine choices. And most of all, the tour brought together a group of thoughtful, interesting people, with whom it was a great pleasure to share this experience. This was a wonderful trip, and I would recommend it to anyone interested in Wagner-and npt interested in waiting a decade for tickets to Bayreuth!”Andrew Huddleston
August 2007
“It is my pleasure to express my complete satisfaction with the superb opera tour you arranged and led. Germany was all the more wonderful because of the careful attention you paid to every aspect of the tour.Everything – from the most minute details to the deluxe accommodations – was excellent. And the company included interesting and congenial people. Let’s do it again.”Davidson Luehring
September 2007
“We had a wonderful time on our trip and thank you so much for all your care. Our tours were marvelous and so easy for us! Daniel was terrific. We learned a lot. And our opera seats were great. All in all – we had a great time.” Patsy and Bob Bunn
August 2007
“Dear Jerry:“Based on our absolutely wonderful experience with you and International Curtain Call at the 2007 Wagner Festival in Bayreuth this past August, I could not recommend future trips with you and with ICC more highly. Everything about this tour was superb and this was one of the best vacations we ever have taken. The seats at each of the operas could not have been better. The hotel was excellent, and the food and wines were wonderful (although there was way too much food.) Although my wife, Debby, and I had never traveled on a group tour before, we very much enjoyed our approximately twenty fellow tour mates who turned out to be a very knowledgeable and enjoyable bunch of people to spend close to two weeks with. You are superb in terms of planning. You also included a terrific Tour Book received a few weeks in advance of trip, excellent side trips, good guides, and all details were taken care of in advance. You run a tight ship and that is all to the good. In terms of value for the money, I still don’t understand how you offer so very much for such a reasonable fee. On a scale of 1 to 100 I would rate this vacation an easy 125!” Samuel B. Bruskin
Choate Hall and Stewart LLP
September 2007
“It doesn’t seem like three months since we were in Bayreuth and Prague but it is! We are still in the grasp of this uplifting experience.Recounting the six operas in Bayreuth and the two musical performances in Prague, it was Tannhauser leading the way to a new dimension. As I am writing this letter I am listening to the overture (Solti/Vienna Philharmonic), something I do often. Alas, it is just a pale version of Bayreuth. The Bayreuth production – against all expectations as judged by the harsh, negative press, was overwhelming in every respect. Well, so were the Meistersinger and whole RING. Exciting, forever alive in us, unforgettable.And now a word about you, Jerry! You were the maestro who put it all together for this special group of people. You arranged a background of comfort, gourmet pleasures and sociability. Seats in the Festspielhaus were excellent acoustically and visually. Dining during intermissions was elegant. The daily excursions were effortless and efficient. It was a lively, interesting group with unique personalities that shared the Curtain Call Experience…Although Albert and I are not easy mixers we did enjoy the group that came together having one thing in common: love for Wagner and Bayreuth and for Mozart and Prague. We also appreciated being able to “do our own thing” from time to time.Was it all worth OUR efforts? – Well, let me be strongly affirmative. You offer a great opportunity, a top value. We award you 5 stars and it is without hesitation that we recommend your tours.”Sigrid J. Nelius, M.D.
November 2002
“Just wanted to write you a note to tell you how much fun I had on your tour and how enriched I am as the result. You run a wonderful tour with all the problems worked out in advance so we didn’t have anything to worry about. The operas you selected and your leadership were outstanding. You were a
class act from start to finish, from your operas to your wines to your selection of excursions. I loved the others on the tour I have made life-long friends. I hope to travel with you again. Again, thank you for a wonderful two weeks in Germany and Austria. I wouldn’t change a thing.”
—September 9, 2003 M. A. Barnes
“Having taken this spring the International Curtain Call’s 1994 Italian Tour, I found it so good and pleasant that I immediately booked for the 1994 Grand Summer European Music Festivals Tour wich was excellent. Mr. Jerome J. Glaser is a very thorough and experienced organiser : hotels, restaurants,
seats in the theaters are good, more often very good, the excursions interesting. Mr. Glaser’s musical knowledge enables him to establish his programs with diversity and interest. We hear the best artists of the moment. As he is good company, the general atmosphere is quite enjoyable. If any difficulties should occur, he settles them expertly. I am waiting for the 1995 programs, being sure to find some exciting Tour.”
—October 31, 1994 Jacqueline Brechbiihl
“When it became possible for me to fulfill a dream – to hear “The Ring” in Bayreuth, my friend, Dr. Ellen Dirksen suggested I call Jerry Glaser of International Curtain Call. She told me that she had taken four trips with Jerry’s company and had a wonderful time on them – in fact she wanted to go again with me. My trip in August, 2004 to Bayreuth and Prague exceeded all expectations! The opera seats, the hotels, the planned gourmet dinners and day trips and local guides/historians were all tops. Jerry Glaser who accompanied us took care of all the travel details so we could relax and enjoy. I highly recommend you take a trip with International Curtain Call.”
—September 9, 2004 Carol Schiller Epstein
“Thank you for a wonderful trip to Bayreuth. As you know, this was my second excursion with you. The way that you take care of all the details makes the trip so easy that we can simply enjoy the surroundings, the excellent hotels and meals, and, of course, the operas. Having traveled extensively on my own, I was initially reluctant to join a “tour.” However, your tours are wonderful. I cannot imagine going to Bayreuth and navigating by myself. The excursions were just right – interesting and relaxing, yet timed so that I could get back to the hotel and relax before the performances. The meals were grand – both at the intermissions and in the other places you chose. The food was regional and excellent. Other than the obvious, perhaps the best part of the trip was the interesting mix of people. I can’t imagine the operas being nearly as enjoyable without the opportunity to discuss them with such fascinating and diverse people during the intermissions, excursions and meals. Thanks again.
—August 31, 2005 Alan F. Blakley
“At the top of our list is our unforgettable experience with you and the other members of the 1995 Vienna Ring Plus Musical Tour. As very experienced travelers and adherents of European music festivals, we were hestitant to join a group tour, for fear of losing our independence and freedom. Our fears were
unnecessary…We thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of the splendid package you organized for us. Most notably the seats you secured for the group at the Staatsoper and Volksoper were unsurpassable. The Hotel.. was spectacular. The Tour Guide.., was extraordinary. Finally, your choices of restaurants for
group dinners and worthy sites for touring proved to be superb. ..We understand why you attract a congenial, discriminating and thoroughly enjoyable clientele. For our taste, you have hit on a winning blend of outstanding musical performances, delightful accomodations and fine dining, and rewarding
touring of culturally interesing sites. We thank you for your efforts and genuine interest in your clients,..and look forward to joining you again for another musical orgy.

December 26, 1995 Drs. John G. Hildebrand and Gail D, Burd
“International Curtain Call is the gold standard of music trips. Our third experience was even more wonderful than the prior trips. Count on Jerry for excellent tickets, good hotels and restaurants, wonderful excursions, precise attention to detail and a fabulous sense of style.
September 14, 2003 Gary Kraus
“My wife, Clementina and I are musicians with the Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra. Amongst other operas we have performed “The Ring” – a great experience – but to see it in Bayreuth became a dream come true. We chose “International Curtain Calls” and we were more than happy we did. Our guides
were superb, under the supervision of Gerald Glaser nothing was left to chance – from luggage, meals, bus schedules, and sidetrips of great interest such as Wagner’s home and burial site, concerts beside “The Ring” and “The Flying Dutchman”. At a superb dinner we met members of the casts and Wolfang
Wagner, Grandson of the Master. As if this were not enough we enjoyed almost a week at the Salzburg Festival. Three operas, a concert and a spectacular trip
through “Heidi” country. We more than look forward to another musical adventure with Gerald Glaser and International Curtain Call”

—October 7, 2003 Bernie and Clem Fleshler.
“I just returned from my fourth trip with International Curtain Call and must tell you that somehow, once again, you managed to far exceed my very high expectations… The operas: you always manage to get the best seats. The food: every planned meal has been a delight, the wines excellent and abundant. The excursions: always fascinating with important things I want to see. The hotels: have been excellent. The Tour Book you prepare and give to every client: I always look forward to my book as the trip approaches when I can prepare myself for the luscious meals ahead, read the cast lists and refresh my memory of the Opera plots.It says a great deal for your trips that I have never been on one when there were not at least several people who were on repeat trips with you. I have not been able to figure out how you attract only the nicest people, but… I can say quite truthfully that I have made what I feel will be life-long friends on your trips”   — Chela R. Kleiber, September 11, 1998
“We want you to know how much we enjoyed our Bayreuth experience this summer. It was unquestionable the finest trip we ever took. Your organizational skills and attention to detail were exemplary.”   — Linda and Gary Kraus, October 28, 1997
“I wish to thank you for the 1997 Summer Finale Festival Tour. You are a man who makes ‘dreams come true.’ I always imagined going to Opening Night of the Vienna Opera. Your complete organization and direction of the super deluxe hotels, the Operas and seating arrangements, the menus and the Tours would satisfy the most jaded of travellers and music lovers. I believe I enjoyed my second tour with you and the group even more than the first. The Salzburg Festival was a highlight of my life.”   — Marjorie M. Ray, November 17, 1997
“Just a few lines to let you know what a Great Opera Tour you arranged for the 1998 Vienna Ring Plus. The Operas were magnificent…all the arrangements from the Hotel, to the seats, the dining and the wining. Thank you for permitting me to be part of this great experience. The third times was the best.”   — Marjorie M. Ray, 1998
“Morris and I are still on cloud 9, telling everyone about the wonderful trip we took with you to Italy. We were delighted with the quality of the tour: excellent seats, outstanding food and wine, pleasant co-operative traveling companions. Your personal attention and scrupulous supervision of details made this trip one of the best.”   — Morris & Miriam Ockman, October 9, 1998
“My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the munich Opera Festival trip with you. Your selection of the hotel, restaurants and side trips complimented them nicely. You and the other participants were good company. Much of our satisfaction is attributable to your meticulous attention to detail.”   — Jack Lipson, August 2, 1998
“Your terrific opera tour to Salzburg and Vienna exceeded our every expectation. Nestled among the musical treats were very special dinners and excursions to famous sites. And you always got us the best seats in the house. Your personal attention made this the greatest 20th anniversary we could have lavished upon ourselves”   — Sonny and Carl Gee, February 9, 1994
“ICC offers an exceptional cultural adventure: great tickets to stellar performances, fine hotels, carefully selected dinners and wines, and expertly guided tours to museums and local attractions. It is no accident that Jerry’s clients return and return. His attention to detail is legendary. Bravo!”   — Gary and Linda Kraus, September 24, 1999Back to Home Page